Next Crossroads: June 3rd

Addiction & Recovery in the Minnesota Muslim Community

When: Wednesday, June 3rd 7PM - 8PM

Where: Facebook Live (via Zoom) Event

Crossroads creator Regina Mustafa will welcome Yussuf Shafie, CEO of Alliance Wellness Center in Bloomington, and client Khadar Abi to discuss the rising concerns of addiction within the local Muslim community. How does the stigma surrounding addiction prohibit Muslims from accessing treatment? How can mosques and Islamic Centers help promote resources and psychoeducation? Which are the major abused substances within the Muslim community in Minnesota? How culturally competent are the treatment centers in Minnesota? We will be discussing these topics and more.

The Crossroads program began in 2019 under CIDI and in partnership with the Rochester Public Library. It focuses on the intersection between behavioral health, stigma, discrimination, race, and economic status.  Learn more at

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From our January 2020 Session

Muna shares her story of addiction and recovery during the January 9th Crossroads session.

From our October 26 Session

Area youth discussed the rising concerns of vaping in their schools.